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Get Together!

Dog Lovers!

International dog lovers community in Tokyo.

About US

*日本語は下です。Tokyo Paws is an international community of dog lovers based in Minato Ward, Tokyo, created for dogs and dog lovers of all nationalities, gender, and age to get together and share our puppy passions!

Join us to make new friends and enjoy picnics, training classes, dog agility sports, and other events! We also participated in activities and volunteer projects for the protection of our four-legged friends and to reduce the number of dogs slaughtered by shelters and abuse.


All dog lovers are welcome to participate - whether you want to bring a fur-baby of your own or simply want to spread the love. We look forward to spreading knowledge, awareness, and puppy love across Tokyo and throughout Japan.


For more information on upcoming events, don't forget to check us out on the event page, Instagram, or Facebook.



国籍、性別、年齢問わず、わんことわんこ好きな人が集まり情報交換や新しいお友達作りをしたり、 ピクニックやしつけ教室、ドッグスポーツ(アジリティ)やイベントを一緒に楽しんだりします。犬の殺処分数を減らすための活動や保護犬のボランティアも行っています。 





Our Events

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